One of the largest and most important ports in the Mediterranean.

From Piraeus port all the coastal lines sail to the islands of Greece as well as abroad.  The port is easily accessible as opposite the entrance there is the Electric Railway station (Piraeus – Kifisia line) along with the many buses that connect the port with the centre of Athens and the other regions of Piraeus.
Finally, in Piraeus are the Municipal and Veakeio Theatres, the Archaeological and Marine Museums, the Pasalimani and Kastella districts.  All the historical monuments of the centre of Athens are close.


Kastella is a popular district of Piraeus.  It is built on and around the hill of Prophet Ilia, the highest point of Piraeus, and affords splendid views to Marina Zeas and Mikrolimano.  It is worth walking in the picturesque local streets, to get to know the old neighbourhoods that maintain something from the colour and flavour of past years.  Kastella, because of its preferred position, is considered a desirable district.  The neoclassical buildings give the region a special character.  On the Prophet Ilia hill are found the open-air Veakeio municipal theatre, in which every summer cultural events are staged that include appearances by Greek and foreign troupes and folk groups of international fame.  In the same area there is the Bowling Center that is a focus of attraction for friends of the game and also those who like to enjoy their coffee viewing the Saronikos Gulf.  On the top of the hill is the church of Prophet Ilia. Each year on the day of his feast, July 20th, there is a big celebration.


Pasalimani , on the southern side of the central harbour,  has a great market place.  Its Marina is home to many impressive yachts, and there are a lot of restaurants and cafes.  In the streets around you will meet an abundance of shops.  Pasalimani in ancient times was the main harbour of Athens.  Its current name was acquired in the 18th century, because it was the harbour of the Ottoman fleet.


The Naval Museum of Piraeus is accommodated in a building that was constructed for the precise purpose and is found in Marina Zeas.  The exhibits cover some 3,000 years of Greek naval history.  On display are models of boats, naval tools, various objects, photographs, and historical documents that reveal aspects of the naval tradition and history of Greece.  Of special importance is the collection of exhibits related to ancient Piraeus, the revolution of 1821, the actions of the Hellenic Navy in more recent history (1912 – 1944) and commercial shipping.


The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus is housed in a modern two-storey building at Charilaou Trikoupi Street 31.  In the halls of the museum are mainly sculptures that were discovered in Piraeus and Attica’s coasts.  Through the exhibits the history of Piraeus is presented.  The periods of the rise and decline of the city emerge through the unique samples of art.  Among the exhibits we can see the five bronze] statues that were discovered in Piraeus in 1959, the archaic Kouros of Apollo, two statues of the goddess Artemis, the statue of Athina and a mask of ancient tragedy that dates from the 4th century BC.


The Municipal Theatre of Piraeus is found in one of the central points of the city, in Korai Street.  It was built during the 1880s, in neoclassical style, and it is a work of the architect Ioannis Lazarimou.  It is an imposing building that constitutes an absolutely symmetrical rectangle measuring 34m by 45m.    Particularly impressive architectural elements constitute the entry with propylo, colomns , Corinthian rhythm ] and the pediment, but also the internal arrangement of the building  impresses  visitors.  The theatre was constructed in the style of the “Theatre d’Odeon of Paris.”  The auditorium is horseshoe-shaped with square boxes and circles on four levels: total capacity is about 1,300 seats.  The stage is 20m by 14m, with proscenium and space for the orchestra.  The height of the stage tower is 18m.and the depth of the stage is 9m.  The acoustics are marvellous.  The foyer is two-stories and is developed round the  koilon of the room.  Initially it presented dances of charitable  organizations  and later was developed as a place for exhibitions and lectures . The Theatre has been the venue for many famous lyric and dramatic Greek and foreign troupes  as well as dancing groups, musical and choral ensembles, etc.


The Veakio Theatre is located in the area of Kastella, on the hill of Prophet Elias.  It was built and opened in 1969.  It was named Veakio in honour of the great Greek actror Aimilios Veakis, who was born in Piraeus.  The Veakeio Theatre operates in the summer months and hosts significant cultural events. Greek and foreign acts have performed at Veakeio which has also hosted concerts by famous artists and folk groups of international fame.


On the western side of Pasalimani is Marina Zeas, one of the biggest marinas of the Mediterranean, which is always full of impressive and luxurious yachts.  It is also one of the picturesque regions of Piraeus.   Marina Zeas has been characterized as a tourist port and an area of Olympic hospitality, because during the 2004 Olympic Games hospitality ships were moored there.   Bars, restaurants and fish tavernas placed round the marina attract those who love sea food and nightlife.  Near the Archaeological museum are the ruins of the ancient Zeas Theatre, which dates from the 4th–3rd century BC.


Mikrolimano is one of the most popular locations in Piraeus and a place of preference for young persons in the wider region of Athens.  It is barely one kilometre from Pasalimani and the centre of Piraeus and is located near the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, which was the/an Olympic venue during the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.  Mikrolimano means small port, and today many fishing boats find shelter and add their own picturesque charm to the region.  Mikrolimano has a history of many centuries.  In antiquity it was called Mounichia, and according to mythology was protected by the goddess Artemis.   It is said in the place that is found today the naval group, existed the goddess temple.  During Ottoman rule it was renamed Tourkolimano.  After the liberation of Greece it was given its present name, Mikrolimano, which reflects its size.  Mikrolimano is very popular and is a centre  of attraction for  visitors of all ages.  Around Mikrolimano  are many cafes, bars and some of the best restaurants and fish tavernas in the city.  If you are fan of walks you can enjoy a splendid stroll following the coastal road to Pasalimani.


Opposite  the Central Harbour entrance is the  Electric Railway terminus.   It is an impressive building, dating from 1929 and is characterised by its vaulted dome.  The influences  of stations of European countries that were constructed during that period are obvious.  The building was renovated recently and re- acquired its old glamour.  The station has been operating since 1869, when the Electric Railway Thisio – Piraeus was inaugurated, connecting Athens with its harbour.  Its direct adjacency to the harbour of the capital renders it of particular importance.

Other places of interest.

  • Stavros Niarchos 4,1 km.
  • Faliro Gulf 3,6 km.
  • Acropolis 7,8 km.
  • Plaka 12,5 km.
  • Ancient Market 12 km.

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